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Concrete Wallpaper

It’s all about urbanism and minimalism these days. Create a contemporary industrial style without the cold temperature concerns - raw industrial design and uniqueness with every single piece. Concrete on a roll gives a modern clean finish, designed to maintain inner natural warmth compared to poured concrete or other cold concrete products . Concrete on a roll combines an original look, with a practical format at a best price. 

Copper and Rust Wallpaper

The industrial look has a high demand and is easily achievable. Natural rust-colour with a 3D waffle texture. Deep orange-brown tones of rusted steel creates a timeless weathered aged look.

Rust on a roll provides an authentic alternative to corten steel alloys, in a flexible veneer format at a great price.


We can fully bespoke wallpaper to suit your design. We can copy a stone colour that you have in your garden to bring into your home, match any colour, bespoke the finish and texture, anything you need we can look to achieve for you.

There is a minimum order required for this service but please get in touch for more details and to talk through your needs. - designer wallpaper


Is the decorative wallpaper fire retardant?

All products are fire rated at A2 and is CE approved. They are designed for cooker back splashes, fire surrounds and commercial applications.

Will the surface change colour over time?

The stone is a natural product and will lighten with UV rays if not correctly sealed. The colour won’t change over time.

How do i order samples ?

We offer samples to purchase for all of our products. Please send us a message to talk through your requirements.

How do I protect the surface ?

The surfaces are 100% real stone which is naturally porous to oils, grease and limescale. We recommend water based sealants such as our HARD PROTECT SEALER , or any hard sealer you can find in most DIY shops but always remember to do a patch test with any sealant to make sure it does not change the colour of the stone. No refunds are possible if you use your own sealer. Bathrooms and kitchens may need resealing yearly.
Pre-sealed stone can be cleaned with soap and water.
Sealed stone properly installed will waterproof however we recommend protecting it against limescale and oils.

Can i install myself ?

Whilst Grace & Favour have an expert team on hand to carry out the installation for you these products can be installed by a competent person. All products can be installed with a suitable adhesive to almost any flat surface, we recommend our indoor glue or a MAPEI flexible semi contact adhesive for exteriors or wet rooms.

Can I install this outside?

You can use the stone on walls externally, however it will need to be protected with a HARD PROTECT SEALER